New Home and Remodel Design/Build

Your Home is - Your world, your lifestyle. A reflection of you.

Whether your remodeling or building new, Your home should be designed to meet your specific needs.
New technologies in living comfort, appliances, lighting, and building science have made it easier than ever before to customize our living spaces to meet our demands. Some of the amenities that were unreachable have become affordable and within our reach.
The ability to view concepts in 3 dimensional illustrations enables us to get a better understanding of how buildings work and makes it easier to visualize the end product.
Building energy simulation models give us the ability to accurately project our annual energy consumption and make the necessary adjustments to reduce energy bills while improving our indoor environment.
Indoor comfort and environmental quality can be more easily achieved with system integration of building products and features.
Breakthroughs in innovations in building envelope systems and advanced HVAC and window technologies give us more control over thermal comfort and quality indoor air.
We'll not only help you achieve your design and functionality goals, we can take it to the next level by adding value to your home with minimal or no additional cost. Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your project.

Overview of the Design Build Process

Step 1 Are our services right for you?

Initial telephone interview, (15-20 minutes) Schedule preliminary consultation

Step 2 In-home consultation (allow 1 hour)

Review existing conditions and scope of work. (no charge)

Step 3 Determine concept budget.

Review costs-Based on scope of work. Tailor design to budget. (no charge)

Step 4 Sign "Project Design Agreement"

Design pricing and deposit amount to be determined per scope of work. Begin production of architectural drawings (deposit due)

Step 5 Final plan revisions and budget review.

Payment in full for plans.

Step 6 Begin production of "Specifications and Cost Analysis."

Pricing subject per scope of work.

Step 7 Determine Contract amount Sign "Project Work Order."

Deposit due for permit submittal.

Step 8 Plan Review Submittal (Governing Building Dept.)

Step 9 Work Commences.

LEED Certification & Consultation

LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Has become the most recognized body for Green Building Certification in the world.
Launched by the U.S. Green Building Council in 1998 and officially released in 1999, LEED is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge.
The LEED for Homes rating system offers 136 possible points in several different credit categories for acquisition towards certification in one of four levels-
LEED Certified Buildings are not only more energy efficient, but they exceed normal building standards in areas like indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, Waste reduction, and environmentally friendly materials. At the same time adding value to your home, creating a healthier indoor living environment, and promoting social and environmental responsibility.
As a LEED Accredited Professional, I’m able guide you through the process. There are choices to be made in the design phase regarding the preliminary rating and which credits are most feasible to pursue based on your project specific characteristics and goals.
There might also be tax incentives, (based on region), and rebates offered by government and utility companies for meeting certain criteria. Some municipalities offer opportunities for plan check fee reduction and expedited plan check.
Call us today and we’ll set up a meeting for a preliminary project evaluation.
There's never been a better time to build!

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Hiline BuildersWithout a doubt the most important area in the home is the kitchen. The social hub for family gathering and entertaining. What was once merely a place to cook meals has become the nucleus of the home.
Cooking has become a community affair. Conversations come alive over culinary creations.
People have congregated in kitchens as long as we can remember. But only over the last few decades has the kitchen been transformed from a utilitarian space to the heart and soul of the home.
We have literally knocked down walls that separate the main living area from the kitchen to open it up and create larger and more functional all in one Kitchen/Living/Dining Rooms.
Material selections have enabled us to create more elegant spaces that are not only more beautiful but much easier to maintain.
From commercial grade stainless steel appliances to traditional oversized farm sinks, the potential for creation of custom kitchens has never been better.

Hiline BuildersBathrooms are seeing innovations in automated shower systems, radiant heat flooring, hydronic towel warmers, water saving fixtures, and multi-zone lighting for enhanced performance.
The bathroom has become the escape. The place to get away from it all and soak in comfort and tranquility. The ultimate escape without leaving home.
Proper consideration in procucts and strategies can preserve these spaces by preventing excessive moisture buildup and maximizing functionality.
New breakthroughs in bath design features enable us to make a statement as well as customize these spaces to meet our specific needs.
Call Hiline Builders today for a free in home consultation and design review.

Room Additions

You know you need the extra space but you’re not sure whether to go out, back, or up. With the availability of 3d conceptual modeling the ability to visualize the concept enables people to manipulate the design and make the necessary adjustments. There’s no more guess work involved on the client end of the design stage. You have peace of mind moving forward knowing you’ve made all the right decisions.

So whether you’re looking for larger existing living areas, added sleeping areas, a craft room, or that elegant master suite, we’ll enable you to view multiple scenarios 3 dimensionally so you can figure out what works best for you.

Building Out vs. Building Up. How do I know which is best?

Generally speaking, expanding on the ground level is much less expensive. Building up, or adding second story additions, often involves reinforcing the foundation to carry the added load. There is usually electrical wiring in the attic that will need to be re-routed if you add on above.
Building up does have advantages in some cases. Homes on smaller lots are often maximizing the allowable space in regards to zoning setback restrictions. This fascilitates the need to add a second story if added space is needed. Another second story advantage is utilization of views.

Is there a standard cost per square footage for room additions?

Not really. First of all there is almost always additional work being done on the existing areas in addition to the added space. There are many variables involved when it comes to adding on. Kitchen and bath additions can be 60%-80% higher per square foot than bedrooms. Having to factor in all of the extra features like tile, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and counter tops adds a lot to the square footage price.

Accessory Dwelling Design and Construction

Back yard additions are one of the biggest trends in residential construction these days. Whether you need an In-Law quarters, shop space, or customized storage, We can get you through the design, permitting, and construction of your proposed dwelling.
These structures not only increase the value of your home but can also add some much needed functionality. Or they can be an extra source of income as there is a huge shortage of rental properties throughout the state. Some Building Municipalities are giving incentives to encourage production of rental property to fulfill the need for density.
Contact us for a prelimnary consultation to assess the feasibility of adding an Accessory Dwelling to your property.

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