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The following documentation is a general outline of the custom home and remodeling project implementation process and the steps needed to assure the home building and remodeling construction flow seamlessly. Some situations may vary depending on non typical circumstances.

Site Evaluation- Take things into consideration such as views, architectural review restrictions, utility hookups, (public sewer and water or will septic and well need to be factored into cost of construction), Look for potential obstacles to your design criteria. Review setbacks, direction house will be facing, how to best maximize energy efficiency.

Determine your priorities. We all have different wants and needs. Some of us may want functionality, or a good entertaining environment. We may be very energy conscious. Outdoor living is a very popular consideration or, perhaps minimizing maintenance may be at the top of your list.

Architectural- When all of the above is clear, we can then proceed to the design review phase. Collect floor layouts you like and be prepared to explain what you like about them and why. How do you want your home to function? What are your needs?

Be ready for tradeoffs that may be required to maintain budgets. You may not have the resources for everything you want. That's why it is so important to prioritize. Make a wish list and rate the items on a scale of 1 to 5. Try to have a clear vision before moving into the architectural phase. Design time is expensive. Re-designing can be very costly in the early stages of the project. It's important to get ballpark numbers on your wish list items before you move into the architectural phase to avoid making costly changes later on. A complete set of plans is vital for providing accurate pricing.

Permit Process- Permit times can vary and are at the mercy of the workloads of the governing Building Dept. Expect 4-6 weeks for plan review and corrections once plans have been submitted although certain conditions may affect the process.

Construction- Most lenders offer some flexibility on their construction draw schedules. Make sure your loan draws will accommodate the contractor's draw schedule. You may need to re-negotiate the draw schedule in your construction contract or have some reserves on hand to assure that construction flows smoothly.

Time allowance for the construction of your project can vary immensely. Many factors can affect construction time. Things like weather [the month you start your project can make a big difference]. If it's at all possible, try to have your home weather tight before the rainy season. This will help to keep the project moving forward through the winter months. Sloped lots will also increase construction time and costs. The size of the home will obviously be a factor as well.

Very Important- Make your product selections early!

Some products can have a 6-8 week order time. Product delays can bring your project to a screeching halt. If your indecisive or have problems making selections, I would strongly recommend hiring an interior design consultant.

A Good Interior Designer Can Be A Godsend!- They will help smooth out the road blocks when selecting finish materials such as appliances, granite, tile, floor coverings, colors etc. and can assist you in maintaining your budget. If the budget allows this will be money well spent.

Completion of construction can be anywhere from 4-12 months depending on the variables mentioned earlier. High end homes over 5000 square feet can take even longer. Nothing will delay a construction project completion more than product holdups. Time is money and you're making interest payments on your construction loan from the time your first draw is issued. Late change orders, (after work is completed), can also significantly increase construction time. Changes are a normal part of the process. Make every effort to do them in a timely manner and be prepared to pay for them up front.

Get pricing for change orders before allowing your contractor to do the work. Expenses can mount very quickly and you don't want to risk cardiac arrest when you get the bill for several change orders after the fact.

Most contractors will perform a punch list correction about 30 days after move in. (In addition to the pre-move in corrections). Expect a reasonable amount of settling, hairline cracking of stucco and drywall joints. Let the home settle before making some repairs.

Author: Phil Vanderloo - President, Hiline Builders Inc. copyright 2024
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