New Home and Remodel Design/Build

Your Home is - Your world, your lifestyle. A reflection of you.

Whether your remodeling or building new, Your home should be designed to meet your specific needs.
New technologies in living comfort, appliances, lighting, and building science have made it easier than ever before to customize our living spaces to meet our demands. Some of the amenities that were unreachable have become affordable and within our reach.
The ability to view concepts in 3 dimensional illustrations enables us to get a better understanding of how buildings work and makes it easier to visualize the end product.
Building energy simulation models give us the ability to accurately project our annual energy consumption and make the necessary adjustments to reduce energy bills while improving our indoor environment.
Indoor comfort and environmental quality can be more easily achieved with system integration of building products and features.
Breakthroughs in innovations in building envelope systems and advanced HVAC and window technologies give us more control over thermal comfort and quality indoor air.
We'll not only help you achieve your design and functionality goals, we can take it to the next level by adding value to your home with minimal or no additional cost. Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your project.

Overview of the Design Build Process

Step 1 Are our services right for you?

Initial telephone interview, (15-20 minutes) Schedule preliminary consultation

Step 2 In-home consultation (allow 1 hour)

Review existing conditions and scope of work. (no charge)

Step 3 Determine concept budget.

Review costs-Based on scope of work. Tailor design to budget. (no charge)

Step 4 Sign "Project Design Agreement"

Design pricing and deposit amount to be determined per scope of work. Begin production of architectural drawings (deposit due)

Step 5 Final plan revisions and budget review.

Payment in full for plans.

Step 6 Begin production of "Specifications and Cost Analysis."

Pricing subject per scope of work.

Step 7 Determine Contract amount Sign "Project Work Order."

Deposit due for permit submittal.

Step 8 Plan Review Submittal (Governing Building Dept.)

Step 9 Work Commences.

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